Off-Roading is Easier When You're Using Four-Low Drive

Have you ever been off-roading before? It can be pretty fun when you're driving along on or off the path through mud and large puddles of water. But if you've done that before, you probably also have four-wheel drive. You should also know that there are different functions on your four-wheel drive, including four-high and four-low drive. These two functions are used in different situations, and we want you to get the most out of your experience, so here are the differences.

When you're driving through heavy, thick mud, you need the torque that four-low drive can give you. You'll need to drive at slower speeds, but your wheels will be able to grip the ground much more easily.

When you're driving on paved roads and packed concrete, this is the time that you should use four-high drive. It gives your vehicle enough traction to move over ice and gravel more easily, and you can drive at any speed when using this function.



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