Windshield Wiper Blade Differences

Vehicle drivers are commonly associated with their windshield wipers. When wipers do not function as needed, the blades often need replacing. However, drivers may not be aware that there are differences between summer and winter-type blades. Summer blades have a light-weight frame that flexes and pivots with ease. The rubber is also thinner.

On the other hand, winter blades are designed to be sturdier. The frame is solid and pivots on a single axis. The rubber layer is also thicker and more durable. The rubber is additionally commonly combined with silicone or Teflon to ensure the material remains flexible regardless of environmental temperatures. They are also better able to withstand the resistance encountered by ice and snow.

To have optimal visibility in all driving conditions, vehicle manufacturers recommend that owners use the correct blade when the season requires. At Ontario Honda, we have all the parts and supplies needed to provide the appropriate maintenance on your vehicle.



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