Your Car's Alternator Is At Risk In Certain Weather Conditions

If your car won’t start, it overrides all other concerns about its performance. The battery is not the only key component that contributes to swift starts. Your car’s alternator also plays an important function. This complex part delivers power back to the battery, and controls the electronic systems in your car.

It is very difficult to determine whether a car’s battery is bad, or an alternator is nearing the end of its life. There are many checks that a driver can perform to determine the differences, but they are hard to do without professional diagnostic tools. If you live in an area like ours, where dust is prevalent throughout the year, alternator problems are a concern. Dust can compromise the conductivity of copper coil components in an alternator. If your car sits in the wind, its entire electronic system is at risk of failure.

Our mechanics understand the unique needs of car owners who operate their vehicles in places where climate radically affects a car’s components. Replacing a worn alternator is a simple operation for a crew with experience. Contact our service department to arrange a time when we can determine if your alternator needs attention. We can also help you protect your car from elemental wear in the future.



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