Preventative Measures to Keep Your Brake Pedals in Top Form

Brakes are important. Anyone who has ever been in the driver's seat (or passenger's seat, for that matter) can tell you why. The hardware keeps you safe and deserves to be kept in working order as a result. Below are some tips for doing just that.

Lousy disc brake calipers are a much too common symptom of poor pedal care. The hardware is the piece that clamps down on the brake to slow the wheels, so you can see why it's such a crucial part of your vehicle's safety parameters. If your disc brake calipers feel soft and unresponsive, it's time for a replacement.

Next up, you want to make sure that there is no air in your brake line. The only thing that should appear in the brake line is brake fluid; anything else can spell disaster. To ensure you aren't' playing with uncertainty, check your brake lines for air on a frequent basis. Aim for weekly!

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