Are You Aware of Move Over Laws?

It has happened to all of us. We’re driving down the highway, and suddenly we get stuck behind a line of cars crawling past an accident. Now we are going to be late because other drivers are distracted by all of the damage. But what if those motorists are actually obeying the law?

In the U.S. every state, including New York, has Move Over Laws. Laws designed to protect emergency personnel on the side of the highway. These move over laws require motorists to change lanes whenever they see the flashing lights of emergency responders. This keeps driver and responder safe. If motorists cannot change lanes, they are required to reduce speed.

At Ontario Honda we value the service and sacrifice of our emergency personnel and wish to keep them safe as they perform their duties. Please drive safely and remember to change lanes or slow down when you see those flashing lights. It’s the law, so be sure to follow it!

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