Keeping a Full Tank of Gas During the Winter Season

The one thing that many drivers fail to do during the winter time when it comes to their vehicles is filled the gas tank up with gas before it is to sit out in freezing temperatures overnight. This is one of the most common mistakes we make as drivers, and if we aren’t lucky, our fuel tanks can freeze, causing our vehicles to fail to start.

A simple stop to the neighborhood gas station before heading home is a habit that we should adopt as the difference between starting up and getting going in the morning for work to be on time and not making it on time due to a malfunction is one that we need to take more seriously. The reason as to why gas tanks freeze is because of the moisture that develops in the empty portion of the gas tank. This moisture is common in gas tanks and when it freezes it causes a blockage between the gas tank and the engine and the engine cannot start without fuel.

Many of our customers at Ontario Honda are recipients of this issue, but as long as you keep a full gas tank, you do not have to experience such disadvantage. Stop in for more seasonal maintenance with us at 2311 Rochester Road!

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