Why You Should Rotate Your Tires

Just about every car owner should rotate their tires on a regular basis. Take a look in your car owner's manual and you will clearly see that the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests tire rotation take place on a regular basis. Bring your vehicle to Ontario Honda in Canandaigua for your next tire rotation. Here is more on why you should rotate your tires regularly.

Tire rotation is taking the tires and moving them to another position on your vehicle. For example, moving the front tires to the rear and moving the rear tires to the front of your vehicle. Rotation is necessary to:

  • Help your tires wear out evenly
  • Make sure that the vehicle is easy to handle
  • Provide a comfortable ride for the driver and passengers

Don't neglect your tires. Our service team will determine if a tire rotation is necessary. Contact us for more information.

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