Greet the Winter with Wiper Blades Made for the Season

Winter wiper blades may not be at the top of your list, but they should be. Winter conditions beat down on windshields like no other season of the year. There are freezing temperatures, ice, rain, snow, and sleet conditions to deal with during the winter. There’s also a lot of salt that ends up on windshields, depending on where you live.

If your usual pair of windshield wipers are cracked, frayed, or even in the best condition they may not be able to handle winter conditions. This is because manufacturers make winter windshield wiper blades to endure harsh winter conditions. They won’t ice over, as they’re protected in a rubber shell. They remain ice and snow free. This design can also increase the wiper’s life, saving the driver money over a lifetime.

If your wiper blades are failing this winter, don’t hesitate to visit our dealership. Our team at Ontario Honda will inspect them and recommend an effective brand that takes little time to change and install. We want you to be safe on the highways during every season of the year.

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